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Wedding ring lost on Isle of Wight reunited with owner

image captionPriya Sahu returned Matt Eastley's wedding ring to him, weeks after he thought he had lost it forever

A man who lost his wedding ring in the sea has been reunited with it after a mother and daughter turned detective to track him down.

Matt Eastley lost the gold wedding band on Ventnor Beach on the Isle of Wight on 6 August but 11-year-old Priya Sahu found it in the sand a day later.

Priya and her mother, Aswita, met up with Mr Eastley in a Southampton park to return it to him.

Mr Eastley compared the ring to the "glass slipper in Cinderella".

He said he had been "splashing about" in the sea before he realised the ring had slipped off his finger.

He left the Isle of Wight having asked a cafe owner on the beach to keep an eye out for it "more in hope than expectation" and had planned to replace it.

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image captionPriya Sahu after she found the wedding band on Ventnor beach on the Isle of Wight in August

The next day, Priya found the ring washed up and the mother-daughter team sought to track its owner down.

Mrs Sahu, from Southampton, said: "We thought someone must be devastated about losing their wedding ring and Priya said it would be magical if we could actually find this person."

Through friends and friends of friends, they contacted the cafe owner, who then eventually put them in touch with Mr Eastley, who married his wife Lisa 15 years ago.

Priya and Mrs Sahu celebrated the find and reunited Mr Eastley with his wedding ring in Watts Park on Sunday.

image captionMr Eastley said the ring's return had "put a smile on my face"

Mr Eastley, from Paddock Wood in Kent, said: "[Losing the ring] was devastating. It is irreplaceable - that's the only word I can think of.

"But it's been wonderful. It's life-affirming. It's a really happy ending.

"It's been a bit of a grim 2020 but [the find has] certainly put a smile on my face."

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