Coronavirus: New Milton mum's warning after son, 5, infected

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image sourceTanya Isaac
image captionByron was rushed to a Southampton hospital on Thursday

The mother of a five-year-old with coronavirus has condemned the "selfishness" of those breaking rules to stop the spread of the infection.

Tanya Isaac, 36, from New Milton, Hampshire, said her son Byron was left "screaming in pain" and had to be rushed to hospital on Thursday.

She said he was now recovering at home and receiving regular oxygen.

Ms Isaac said others like her son, who is asthmatic and non-verbal, could suffer because of people's "ignorance".

She said her family had self-isolated since Friday when his school closed, but by that point "it was too late".

By Thursday he had a temperature of 41C, and was experiencing vomiting, severe body pain, shakes, difficulty breathing and an aggressive cough, she said.

image sourceTanya Isaac
image captionMs Isaac said Byron is non-verbal and big for his age

In a Facebook post shared 26,000 times she warned those still meeting up and "sunbathing in the park" to "stay safe".

"I thought because I had isolated him we were safe. I felt guilty that I didn't isolate sooner," she told the BBC.

"People must see it by now, but they are still going out, they obviously think it can't happen to them.

"I would say think about other people, not just yourselves. You could not only get it, but you could give it to someone who is vulnerable.

"It's unintentionally killing someone isn't it? Just because you are careless."

She said Byron looked like he was getting better and had been "lucky", but that she would be staying inside, even after restrictions were lifted, until the virus was completely gone.

She added: "It was heartbreaking to watch our little child suffer so badly, I never want to see that again."

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