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HMS Daedalus: Dust fears at former Navy site

Rubble piles at the former HMS Daedalus site Image copyright Kay Newsom
Image caption Residents first raised concerns when piles of rubble remained at the site following demolition

"Constant' dust clouds from a demolished Royal Navy site are affecting people's health and leaving nearby homes covered, residents say.

The former HMS Daedalus site in Lee-on-Solent was cleared two years ago to make way for businesses and 200 homes.

Those living nearby have since complained of sore throats and eyes, and said recent digging and new rubble stockpiles have made more dust.

Homes England said levels were "within the lowest measurable parameters".

Demolition was completed at the site - designated as a future government "enterprise zone" which would create about 3,500 jobs - in April 2017.

Nigel Craine, whose home backs on to the site, said dust had been "constant" for three years, but was worse during stockpiling.

"We are regularly covered in a fine layer of dust - it's all over the surfaces in our homes, the windows, the cars, it gets into every little crevice," he said.

"It'll settle down once the homes are built but until then we have to deal with it and it's not nice."

Image copyright Chris
Image caption HMS Daedalus, pictured here before demolition, operated until 1996

Resident Kay Newsom said: "I no longer allow my grandchildren to visit me and I leave the house as often as I can."

She added she was concerned the land was contaminated and may contain asbestos.

A Homes England spokeswoman said the stockpiles were from house foundations which would be used as backfill over the next 12 months.

She said regular surveys were carried out to identify potential contamination, and dust monitors had "consistently been within the lowest measurable parameters".

She also said no asbestos had been detected at the site.

Image copyright Kay Newsom
Image caption Demolition of the site finished in April 2017

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