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'I'm going to die at this roundabout' says cyclist

media caption'I'm going to die on this roundabout'
A cyclist who claims he is "going to die" on a mini roundabout where he has endured five near misses in 11 months wants it to be made safer.
Graham Simmons, 28, has posted helmet-cam footage online of the "black spot" roundabout in Southampton which crosses on his daily commute.
Mr Simmons said something needed to be done to slow down approaching vehicles.
Hampshire County Council said it was looking into why drivers are "not giving way and slowing down".
Mr Simmons' video, which shows the roundabout connecting West End Road to High Street and St James Road in West End, has been viewed more than 61,000 times.
image captionGraham Simmons said he did not blame the drivers who almost knocked him off his bike
He captioned his tweet: "I'm going to die on this roundabout and nobody seems willing to do anything about it."
Councillor Rob Humby, said: "Safety comes first for everyone who uses the roads. Our traffic management team will certainly investigate this now it has been raised with us.
"We understand Hampshire Police have said they will look into some enforcement action at the junction and we will be working with them to see what can be done to improve the situation."
Mr Simmons said had been been making the same journey to work for three years, and had captured the five incidents in the past 11 months.
"That particular area is a black spot - there's a reason why there's five clips of that particular area," he said.
"I don't have more than one occurrence anywhere else, on any other junction, any other corner, any other piece of infrastructure."
image captionFootage from Mr Simmons helmet-cam shows vehicles not slowing down or giving way at the mini roundabout
image captionHampshire County Council said it was looking into why drivers are "not giving way and slowing down" at the roundabout
Mr Simmons added that the roundabout had been installed on a converted T-junction approached by a long straight road which made it more likely for people to enter it too quickly.
He said: "I think what this roundabout needs is some way of corralling and slowing the approach... if you can slow [the cars] down they'll have more time to observe."
He said he did not blame the drivers, and added: "Obviously while they are doing something illegal by entering the roundabout whilst I have priority, for it to be this repeated and regular - it has to be a structural issue."

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