Hampshire & Isle of Wight

General election 2017: Hampshire parties form pacts

Election ballot boxes
Image caption The general election takes place on 8 June

The Green party and UKIP have entered into political alliances in Hampshire.

UKIP said it was not standing in New Forest East or West constituencies to assist the Conservatives.

The Greens have stepped aside in Southampton Test to help Labour.

The New Forest East and West seats are currently held by the Tories and Labour holds the Southampton Test seat. Nominations have now closed for prospective parliamentary candidates for the election on 8 June.

The list of candidates for each constituency:

New Forest East:

  • David Harrison, Liberal Democrats
  • Julian Lewis, Conservatives
  • Henry Mellor, Greens
  • Julie Renyard, Labour

New Forest West:

  • Jo Graham, Labour
  • Des Hjerling, Pirate Party UK
  • Janet Richards, Greens
  • Terry Scriven, Liberal Democrats
  • Demond Swayne, Conservatives

Southampton Test:

  • Thomas Gravatt, Lib Dems
  • Paul Holmes, Conservatives
  • Keith Morrel, Independent
  • Andrew Pope, Southampton Independents
  • Alan Whitehead, Labour