Gosport 'four dog limit' walking row hits Facebook

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The order could put a cap of four dogs to one person

Plans to limit the number of dogs that walkers can take out in a Hampshire town have triggered a row on social media.

Gosport Borough Council is considering new rules to reduce the number of dogs allowed per walker from six to four.

It is acting over complaints about dog mess and the animals being out of control.

The issue has split contributors to Facebook, with some dog owners questioning whether it is fair.

Dennis Brown wrote: "Who is to tell anyone that they can only have four dogs?

'So many problems'

"This has no legs as it goes too far to interfere with people's rights to choices."

However, Jenny Brown posted: "I'm pleased this has come into focus. I've had so many problems when encountering larger groups of dogs."

Jackie Black also wrote in support of the plans, saying: "I agree, how do you poo-pick with six dogs? You only have one pair of hands."

The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) could unleash a fine of £100 and would require dog owners to carry something to pick up dog mess.

Dogs would also be excluded from children's areas with fixed play equipment, and sports pitches while they were in use for organised events.

The council said it had received "many complaints" from residents about people leaving dog mess in public spaces and not controlling their dogs.

Councillor Graham Burgess, chairman of the community board, said: "In a densely-populated borough like Gosport, we do believe new rules are needed."

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