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Swarm of bees descends on Porsche at Basingstoke Malls

Bees on Porche Image copyright Ridtek
Image caption It is thought the bees took shelter from heavy rain

Thousands of bees had to be removed by pest controllers after setting up camp in the wheel arch of a sports car.

It is thought the swarm was seeking shelter from a rain storm when they descended on the car park of Basingstoke Malls on Monday.

It took specialists two hours to move the bees into a bucket before taking them to a wood to be released.

Centre property administrator Sue Harris said: "Our manager joked they were looking for a Bee MW."

Image copyright Ridtek
Image caption The bees were enticed into a bucket

Pest controller Shane Jones, who dealt with the swarm, said: "We normally find them hanging on trees or on walls, but this one was special.

"People normally call us out to destroy things, but it's nice to save and look after something."

Image copyright Ridtek
Image caption A security guard noticed the bees flying around near the wheelarch

In May, thousands of bees swarmed over the back of a car in Haverfordwest, west Wales after their queen was thought to be stuck in the boot.

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