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Mark Colborne denies 'ginger revenge' cyanide plot

A man who felt "belittled by society" for being white and ginger-haired plotted a mass cyanide attack from his bedroom, a court has heard.

Mark Colborne, 37, bought poison-making chemicals and kept a diary of racial hatred against "blacks and Caucasian idiots", the Old Bailey was told.

The court heard Mr Colborne trawled the internet for explosives and other chemicals before his arrest last year.

Colborne, of Butts Road, Southampton, denies preparing terrorist acts.

Prosecutor Annabel Darlow QC said notes and diary entries found in his bedroom demonstrated Mr Colborne's ideology.

"In these notes, he referred to his racial hatred for those who are non-Aryans - who he refers to as 'blacks and Caucasian idiots' and his hatred of the prevailing system and organs of the state," she said.


He compared himself to right-wing extremists Timothy McVeigh and Anders Breivik and said: "I'm looking for major retribution, a mass terrorist attack which will bring to the attention our pain not just mine but my brothers around the world."

He also wrote: "I will put a major dent in England, one that is felt around the world.

"If for some reason I cannot perform a major operation then I will still opt for low level attacks."

Mr Colborne was arrested on 3 June last year after his half brother Kevin found receipts for chemicals when he was preparing to do some decorating.

He told his mother Patricia and together they uncovered a large amount of equipment in Mr Colborne's "extremely cluttered" bedroom, the court heard.

Ms Darlow told jurors the defendant had suffered from depression and agoraphobia and had led a relatively isolated life.

She said: "He clearly had experienced a troubled childhood and perceived himself as marginalised and belittled by society because he was a white, ginger-haired male."

The trial continues.

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