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Southampton police issue asbestos warning to burglars

Burglars who stole more than £11,000 worth of equipment from a building site have been warned of potential contamination from asbestos.

Police investigating the break-in at the Somborne House site in Weston Lane, Southampton, say two air filters which were stolen contain the material.

Marked "Caution Asbestos Hazard", they were taken some time between 15:45 GMT on Wednesday and 07:45 on Thursday.

If opened, the burglars would come into contact with the hazardous substance.

Officers have urged the burglars not to open them and to let them know where they are so they can be dealt with properly.

They are also advising them to seek medical advice if they have been exposed to the material.

The building site is currently being prepared for demolition with a specialist company removing the asbestos.

Other items stolen in the break-in included Dewalt drills and Karcher jet washers.

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