In pictures: Dinosaur wind tunnel shows flight behaviour

image captionA wind tunnel test carried out by scientists from the University of Southampton has given an insight into the way feathered dinosaurs flew.
image captionScientists used a model of a squirrel-sized creature called a Microraptor, which is thought to be a key discovery in the story of how dinosaurs led to birds.
image captionA series of wind tunnel experiments and flight simulations were carried out to see how feathered dinosaurs were able to fly.
image captionTests in the wind tunnel showed the dinosaur's legs and wing shape were irrelevant with changes in these making little difference to its flight.
image captionThe results of the team’s wind tunnel tests showed it would have been most stable gliding using the long feathers on all four of its limbs and its tail to glide or parachute from tree to tree.

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