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Waterlooville child abducted in stolen sports car

Thieves stole a woman's sports car and drove off with her five-year-old son in the back.

The 24-year-old woman was driving through Waterlooville in Hampshire on Thursday afternoon when a BMW collided with her from behind.

Two men got out the car and argued with the woman over the damage caused.

One of the men then jumped into her Mitsubishi Lancer Evo and drove off. The car and child were later found outside a school in Stakes Hill Road.

'Targeted theft'

After the theft, the other man followed in the BMW and both were seen leaving in this car after abandoning the Mitsubishi.

They hit a Mercedes van before speeding off.

A Hampshire police spokesman said: "There is no evidence to suggest these events were a deliberate attempt to abduct a child.

"Thankfully, the boy was not harmed or injured.

"His 24-year-old mother was not assaulted or injured either, but is extremely upset and shaken by what happened.

"Police believe this was the targeted theft of a high-powered car by an organised pair of criminals who did not realise there was a child sat in the back of the vehicle."

He said the woman did not know the men.

He added: "We wish to thank members of the public and witnesses who offered help to the woman immediately after her car was stolen."

Nothing stolen

"Officers are pursuing several lines of inquiry to track and identify the suspects and their car, which was described as a high-performance silver BMW M3 with four exhausts and two doors."

One witness reported that the BMW had a partial registration plate of HY57.

The car is also believed to have damage to its front end after colliding with the Mitsubishi and the Mercedes.

Nothing was reported stolen from the Mitsubishi.

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