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Ian Faletto withdraws train 'trolley sacking' case

Ian Faletto
Image caption About 8,000 people signed a petition calling for Mr Faletto to be reinstated

A rail worker who said he was sacked for going onto the line to remove a shopping trolley has withdrawn his case for unfair dismissal.

Ian Faletto, 50, said he used a broom to push the trolley off the line to stop a possible accident from happening near Lymington, Hampshire, in May.

He said he was advised to drop the case after South West Trains produced new evidence.

The train firm has disputed whether there was ever a trolley on the line.

A spokesperson said: "We are pleased that Mr Faletto has finally withdrawn his case, which proves definitively that there was never any substance to the claims he made.

'Momentous service'

"However, we remain angry at the way these fictitious Walter Mitty-style claims were so quickly reported as fact.

"For the avoidance of doubt, we have made no payment to settle this case and nor have we ever considered doing so.

"The fact is that there is no evidence to show that there was a trolley on the track, as Mr Faletto claimed, and the safety of our passengers was not compromised at any point.

"The only safety risk was caused by Mr Faletto's foolhardy actions in knowingly stepping down on to an area of live track for no justifiable reason."

The train firm said the alleged incident was not recorded in the station log or reported to management at the time.

Following Mr Faletto's dismissal a campaign was started to reinstate the rail worker.

Tory New Forest West MP Des Swayne backed a petition against the sacking, which was been signed by 8,000 people.

Speaking after withdrawing his case, Mr Faletto maintained his version of events.

He added: "The way they have treated me after 27 years of momentous service is very disappointing.

"But it is so, so difficult to fight such a large company.

"They have basically said they have other evidence, I don't know where they have got it from...

"I have been strongly advised by my counsel to withdraw."

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