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Zombosium - a zombie conference at Winchester University

Hundreds of zombie fans and academics have descended on the University of Winchester for what is believed to be the first UK zombie conference.

The Zombosium is looking at current research into zombie culture and how it has spread across all types of media.

Organiser Dr Marcus Leaning said: "Our Zombosium has attracted more than 17 speakers from across the world."

The Hampshire university will be the first in the UK to launch a zombie studies module.

Dr Leaning said: "Zombies now feature widely in film, television, new and social media, gaming, comics and literary texts."

The keynote speaker at the zombosium is Dr Ian Conrich, editor of the Journal of British Cinema and Television and a leading authority on contemporary horror cinema.

Topics for the conference include zombie flesh eaters, zombies B movies, zombies and genocide, shopping malls and zombie geography and zombie apocalypse survivor online communities.

The one-day conference will end with a screening of the zombie film Dawn Of The Dead.

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