Gloucester: New hospital garden to remember Covid victims

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image captionThe dandelions are each being handmade locally.

A commemorative garden is being created to remember people who have died from Covid-19 and to thank NHS staff for their work in the pandemic.

Handmade wire dandelions are being sold to raise money to pay for the garden, at the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

One of the first to buy the handmade dandelions was Janet Wylde from Lydney.

She was admitted to intensive care with Covid-19 on Christmas Day.

Paying tribute to the NHS staff who treated her, Mrs Wylde said: "It's not a job to them, it really is a vocation. They're seeing what they're seeing, very sick people, some of whom don't make it, my heart goes out to them."

Emma Wood, Director of People at Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: "I think it's really lovely to see not only patients remembering the staff but also remembering loved ones and for colleagues to be remembering colleagues as well."

'Overcoming hardship'

Each of the 1,000 dandelions are being handmade by two local artists, Sadie Kitchen and Jackie Llantelli. They also donated two seven-foot wire scultpures of NHS staff for the garden.

The garden itself was designed by Danny Clarke.

Sadie said: "The meaning of a dandelion is to overcome every hardship by standing tall and proud which is just what we need at the moment."

Mr Clarke said: "My idea is to create a woodland glade almost like you're travelling through a glade and then there's this space. It gives you shelter, it gives you security."

The garden will open in April.

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