Frampton Mansell rail crash driver 'said train had passed'

The accident scene Image copyright Nicky Blackmarket
Image caption The crash happened at Frampton Mansell in February 2017

A man who died when his vehicle was hit by an express train on a level crossing told a signaller a train had already passed, an inquest has heard.

Colin Cameron, 60, died when his Land Rover was hit by the London Paddington to Cheltenham Spa service at Frampton Mansell, near Stroud, in February 2017.

Gloucestershire Coroners' Court was told he telephoned from a user-operated crossing to ask if the line was clear.

He was told it was safe because he reported a train had recently gone by.

The jury heard Mr Cameron had a key to unlock the crossing gate at Frampton Mansell, which he used regularly to access land where he ran a camping business.

Image caption The inquest was told Colin Cameron telephoned to ask if the line was clear

Signaller Stephen Finning told the court he received a call from Mr Cameron while he was on duty in a signal box in Gloucester, on 7 February.

He said he recognised Mr Cameron's voice and authorised him to cross because he told him a train had passed by "a couple of minutes ago".

"It could be no other train because I remembered the last train had gone by 45 minutes ago," he said.

"I knew where the next train was going to be - one 20 minutes away approaching from Gloucester."

Mr Finning said a tracking system in the signal box showed there was a train on that particular section of track, but it was not possible to establish the exact location.

"The info was exactly the same as we'd spoken many times with Colin.

"I expected that what he'd said to me was true, that the train had passed by."

Gloucestershire Coroner Katy Skerrett asked: "Could Colin have seen a train go past a couple of minutes earlier?"

"That's impossible knowing what I know now," Mr Finning replied.

The inquest is scheduled to end on Thursday.

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