Fur shop vows to keep selling despite online threats

Faye Rogers Image copyright Facebook
Image caption Faye Rogers received messages online calling her an "animal abuser", and telling her to "expect a visit soon"

A Stroud retailer has said she will continue selling fur, despite receiving death threats online.

Faye Rogers set up The Boutique two months ago, selling products partially sourced from animals such as foxes.

"Initially I just laughed, but then people were saying I should get cancer and go to hell," she said.

Selling fur is not currently illegal in the UK, but there are strict rules around the type of animal used, and where the fur comes from.

Ms Rogers estimates that 10%, or two items, of the products currently in her boutique contain fur. She said her customers requested her to stock fur items.

Image copyright Faye Rogers
Image caption The hoods of these coats in Faye's shop are made from fox fur

Messages sent to her Facebook page include comments saying: "I hope you see the animals that you killed in hell".

Another person repeatedly asked where the shop was so he could "pay a visit".

Ms Rogers said she has been taken aback by the messages.

She said: "I don't want to go to a fur farm, I don't want to see what they do to these animals just as much as I don't want a cow killed in front of me and I eat it for dinner, it's just not for me.

"If I want to eat meat and sell fur I will. As bizarre as it sounds, it's the truth."

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Faye imports her fur from a "very reliable" seller in Paris.

"I don't deserve this, I'm doing nothing illegal, the protesters could be doing better things with their time than this," she said.

"I'm going to keep selling these items."

Gloucestershire Police said they were aware of the comments but no official complaint has been made.

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