Ferret dumped in bin in 'horrific abuse'

Image source, Stroud District Council
Image caption,
The ferret was later put down by vets

A paralysed ferret had to be put down after being found dumped in a bin full of dog faeces and left to die.

The animal was found by a member of the public on Wednesday near allotments in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

The ferret had a severe head wound and its back legs were paralysed. Council animal welfare officers described the abuse as "horrific" and "appalling".

Stroud District Council animal welfare officer Alexandra Myrie said the ferret had tried to escape but could not.

She said: "The person who found it said that initially they thought it was dead until it moved.

"We opened the bin and quite clearly it was alive but it had a serious head wound and could not move its back legs.

"It wanted to try and get out but was unable to - it was a horrific sight."

Image source, Stroud District Council
Image caption,
It was dumped in a bin filled with dog faeces

Environment officer Josie Oak added: "The dog bin got hot inside and it would have been dehydrated.

"The ferret had the loop of a dog faeces bag wrapped around its neck. Leaving it in a dog waste bin, in pain like that, was clearly an incredibly cruel act."

The council has pointed out that whoever dumped the ferret in the bin could be prosecuted for causing unnecessary suffering to a protected species.

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