Lorry becomes wedged between two houses in Nailsworth

Image source, Andrew Blandford

A lorry became wedged between houses on a narrow lane, damaging the properties and leaving the road blocked.

The driver of the seven-and-a-half tonne lorry said he got stuck in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire, after sat-nav directions led him down the unsuitable route.

The lorry was freed from Butcher Hill's Lane at about 15:00 BST - two hours after initially getting stuck.

The area remains cordoned off while the safety of the buildings is assessed.

Image source, Andrew Blandford

It was eventually released after the driver deflated the tyres to allow the vehicle to lean and gain traction.

Duty Inspector Jay Tiernan said: "It has caused some structural damage to the property, the full extent of which we are unable to assess.

"Some masonry has been disturbed and tiling and guttering has been damaged.

"The road will remain closed for the time-being until we can assess how much damage has been done and to make sure the property is safe."

Image source, Lorraine Merchant
Image source, Lorraine Merchant

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