Dog photographed on back of motorbike

Dog on a motorbike Image copyright Gloucestershire Police
Image caption The picture has attracted a divided response on social media

A dog has been photographed apparently riding on the back of a motorcycle in Gloucestershire.

The picture, which appears to show a collie travelling through Bishop's Cleeve while strapped to the top-box, has been widely shared on social media.

Gloucestershire Police said they were investigating.

"We are making further inquiries in relation to the registered driver of the vehicle and whether he has broken the law in any way," a spokesman said.

Sue Hyde posted on BBC Radio Gloucestershire's Facebook page, saying: "I have been on the road for 30 years and have seen some stupid things - this is by far the stupidest!"

Scarlett Belladonna commented: "Depends how fast they were travelling, distance, how used the dog is to this form of transport... certainly not worse than people caging their dogs all day in tiny crates, or leaving them trapped in hot cars."

And Phil Lockwood wrote: "There's several bikers that do this with smaller dogs all over the country, don't recommend it but don't see anything wrong with it neither."

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