Gang jailed over £1.25m drugs plot in Gloucestershire

Nine men involved in the supply of cocaine worth £1.25m have been jailed for between 13 and two years.

Bristol Crown Court court heard the gang transported "wholesale quantities" of the drug from Leicester to Gloucester.

Gang leader Rodney Brissett, 27, of Widden Street, Gloucester, was jailed for eight and a half years.

He was caught cycling to pick up 1kg of cocaine at a meeting point on the outskirts of the city in March 2013.

Gloucestershire Police carried out what was described as a "major investigation" over the course of a year in order to catch the gang.

Undercover officers from Operation Bonn targeted the men as they transported the drug between January and July 2013.

'High stakes'

On sentencing the men, Justice Longman said: "The profits for some in this sort of conspiracy are high, but you knew that the stakes are equally high".

The judge added that the "misery" caused by drugs for both users, and the community was "huge".

Skender Gashi, 30, of Wigston, Leicester, ran the Leicester side of the group's activities and received a sentence of seven and a half years.

Mohammed Tagari, 43, of of Blenheim Road, Gloucester, acted as a facilitator between Brissett and Gashi and was sentenced to 13 years.

Courier Simon Cicolloni, 42, of Wigston, Leicester, received a four-and-a-half year sentence.

'Painstaking investigation'

Kyle Silk, 26, of Linden Road, Gloucester; Mark Jones, 28, of The Rushes, Gloucester; Kieran Cox, 22, of Hartland Road, Gloucester; and Richard Hoskins, 22, of Howard Street, Gloucester, were all involved in the stashing, cutting, or mixing, of the cocaine.

They received sentences of five and a half years, two years, three years and three months, and three years respectively.

Aaron Warmington, 27, of Elmleaze, Gloucester admitted collecting the cutting agent benzocaine for the gang and was sentenced to two and a half-years.

Fellow gang member Pellumb Gjermeni, 41, of no fixed abode, was previously sentenced to three years and four months at Gloucester Crown Court for acting as a courier.

All the men bar Tagari had pleaded guilty to their charges.

Neil Carpenter of Gloucestershire Police said: "This was a painstaking investigation that demanded many different methods of police work."

He said the force hopes the sentences send out a "very clear message" to would-be drug dealers looking to "step into the void".

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