Gloucester police crackdown on nuisance mini moto riders

Gloucestershire Police have begun a crackdown on youths who cause a nuisance riding mini motor bikes.

Sgt Tim Wood said the issue had become "significant across Gloucester" with community organisations and members of the public reporting incidents.

A project is being set up to teach young people how to ride safely and basic mechanics, based on a successful programme running in Cheltenham.

The plan will also see more officers trained to issue legal warnings.


Under Section 59 of the Police Reform Act, officers are entitled to warn those caught riding illegally that their vehicle will be seized if they are found riding on the same piece of land within a year.

If the riders does not pay to get the vehicle back it is crushed.

"It's riding up and down a street (performing) wheelies and causing a nuisance by the manner in which they're riding," said Sgt Wood.

So far one mini motorbike has been crushed and a moped seized in Barton Street as part of the crackdown.

The moped rider, a 16-year-old boy, had ignored a previous Section 59 order warning requiring him to stop using his vehicle in an anti-social manner.

He has now been reported for summons to court and will face a one-off bill of £150 plus storage costs of £20 a day until the case is resolved.

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