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In pictures: Football on the water

image captionBourton-on-the-Water's annual football match between its first and second teams took place on Bank Holiday Monday - but without a blade of grass in sight.
image captionThe two sides battled it out on the usually calm waters of the River Windrush in the heart of rural Gloucestershire.
image captionEach year, goalposts are set up on the river - between the village's two main bridges - and the two sides take part in a 30-minute splashabout.
image captionThe event has been taking place for more than 100 years and attracts a large crowd...
image caption... members of which often find themselves getting wet as play spills out on to the grass verge.
image captionThe six-a-side game features alongside other Gloucestershire traditions such a cheese rolling, shin kicking and woolsack racing.
image captionAt the end of the match the Bourton Rovers players can enjoy a unique warm down not available to their Premier League counterparts.