Timeline: Kate Prout murder


Adrian and Kate Prout meet and marry the same year.


The couple buy Redhill Farm in Redmarley, Gloucestershire.


Signs of problems in the relationship are recorded in Mrs Prout's diary.

Mrs Prout alleges her husband threw her against their car following an argument.

11 February 2007

Mrs Prout accuses her husband of threatening to kill her and holding her over their drained swimming pool.

She temporarily moves out of the farm.

Two months later the couple attempt a reconciliation and Mrs Prout returns to the farm.


Mrs Prout holidays in Salisbury in Wiltshire while house-sitter Diane Bellamy looks after Redhill Farm.

12 October

Mrs Prout goes on holiday to Italy with Linda Wakefield, her sister-in-law.

Ms Bellamy looks after Redhill Farm.

Mrs Prout becomes concerned that her husband is having an affair with Ms Bellamy.

2 November

Mrs Prout meets accountants in Cirencester, Gloucestershire to discuss her divorce settlement.

4 November

Mrs Prout demands an increased divorce settlement of £800,000. Prout previously offered her £600,000.

5 November

Mrs Prout is seen for the last time at her home in Redmarley.

She was last heard from at 15:29 GMT when she called her bank.

10 November

Prout reports his wife missing to the police. Searches begin at Redhill Farm.

27 November

Police arrest Prout on suspicion of murder.

Officers said they were searching 200 acres of land around her home.

At the time they said there was no direct evidence that she had come to harm and she still may be safe

28 November

Prout is released without charge.

19 December

The search of the farm at Redmarley and surrounding area concludes.

4 January 2008

Police say they believe Mrs Prout has been murdered.

19 February

Prout is arrested for a second time on suspicion of his wife's murder.

28 January 2009

Police confirm Prout is no longer suspected of murdering his wife.

10 March

Prout is arrested and charged with murder and appears at Cheltenham Magistrates' Court.

7 January 2010

Debbie Garlick, Prout's new fiancée, announces on Facebook that she has given birth to their first child.

12 January

Prout, who denies murder, goes on trial at Bristol Crown Court.

The three-week trial heard about friction between the couple before divorce proceedings began.

It was also told that Mrs Prout's body might never be found.

5 February

Prout is found guilty of murdering his wife.

Acting Det Supt Neil Kelly, who led the case, says Mrs Prout's body might never be found unless her husband admits where she is.

Mrs Prout's brother, Richard Wakefield, said the family would like to find out where her body is so they can bury her.

8 February

Prout is jailed for life and ordered to serve a minimum of 18 years.

13 May

Police call off the search for the body of Mrs Prout.

17 November 2011

Officers who investigated Mrs Prout's murder say they have received "significant" new information.

18 November

Police reveal Prout has confessed to killing Mrs Prout and agreed to reveal where he buried her body.

He is seen at the farm handcuffed to an officer as the search begins.

24 November

Officers find human remains at Redhill Farm after almost four days of searching.

25 November

Human remains found at Redhill Farm in Redmarley are formally identified as belonging to Kate Prout.