Rough sleepers in Gloucester and Cheltenham counted

A count of people sleeping rough in Gloucester and Cheltenham took place overnight.

Volunteers toured streets in an attempt to discover how many people were sleeping rough.

It found that in Gloucester there were 14 people on the streets while in Cheltenham there was one.

Brian Jones, who runs the Gear project for homeless people in Gloucester, said he was not surprised by the figure.

"We confidently expected to find about 10 people before we started and in fact we found 14.

"When it was as cold as it was last night people will try to get in anywhere.

"I expect the 14 we found would be the tip of the iceberg," he added.

Gear, an emergency accommodation resource for Gloucester, aims to relieve sickness, poverty and distress in Gloucestershire in particular, but not exclusively, among the county's street homeless.

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