Salt stockpile in Gloucestershire replenished


Some 10,000 tonnes of road grit has been stockpiled in Gloucestershire in preparation for winter snow and ice.

Gloucestershire County Council said it is looking to improve its service across the county.

"We have a lot of new snowplough operators as well as our existing fleet that are going to help the rural community," a spokeswoman said.

The council has also reviewed its gritting plan following problems that occurred last year.

"We are working closely with our town and parish councils to improve the service across the county for this coming winter.

"We rely heavily on our parish snowplough operators to do our local roads to ensure residents can get to the road network.

"We are working to target all the problem areas but have to remember last year there was a national salt shortage and had guidance from government to reduce the amount of salt used across the county.

"We just didn't have the salt to give out and replenish the salt bins last year," she added.

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