Pcs honoured for saving Gloucestershire Police £300,000


Two police officers from Gloucestershire have won an award for helping save the force more than £300,000.

Adrian Stratton and John Loveridge examined 1,643 mobile phones and 177 sim cards, producing forensic evidence for use in court.

Previously the cards and phones had to be sent away to be scrutinised.

The Richard Somers Award is presented annually to officers who give extra value for money to the force.

'New intelligence'

A Gloucestershire Police spokeswoman said the pair had been carrying out most of the force's phone examinations, alongside their normal duties, for the past 16 months.

"Analysis of mobile phone data is now a key part of evidence-gathering, particularly in cases involving the exchange or sale of drugs.

"Thanks to the work of these officers the monetary savings are plain to see, but there are hidden benefits such as quicker results, shorter bail dates for the more serious offences and the potential to extract a wealth of new of intelligence."

The officers will be presented with their award at a meeting of the police authority on 13 December.

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