Young deer in Gloucestershire seen living with cows

A young deer has been spotted living among a herd of cattle in Gloucestershire.

The creature was first seen two weeks ago by people in holiday homes at Wesley Farm, near Frampton Mansell.

The farm's owner said the young buck had been seen resting and grazing among the cows in a field.

A spokesman for the British Deer Society said it was a rare incident and that the animal had probably become separated from its herd.

Hege Usborn, from Westley Farm, said: "He was first spotted by some of our cottage guests and they told me they'd seen it every day.

"I thought, 'that's amazing', so I went with the dog and there he was.

'Social company'

"I think he's a young male and maybe he's been thrown out of the group he was living in.

"[When startled] he runs to the cows for cover and shelter rather than disappearing off into the other direction."

British Deer Society training officer Dave Gossin said it was likely to be a fallow deer, about two years old, but too young to rut.

"It is unusual for deer to integrate with domestic stock," he said.

"While they will share the same habitat, to integrate in a herd structure is uncommon.

"I suspect he may have become separated from the female group - or pushed out - and not yet made any contact with other deer, so he is probably getting social company from the cattle."

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