Coronavirus: Mum's thanks for breast milk delivery to sick baby

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Becky and FreyjaImage source, Family photo
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Becky gave birth to 7lbs 4ozs (3.36kg) Freyja on 13 March at Broomfield Hospital in Essex

A mother unable to visit her sick newborn baby has praised the "selfless" work of a volunteer taking her breast milk to the hospital.

Becky, from Maldon, Essex has not seen her 15-day-old daughter Freyja for five days as her partner Darren is suffering with flu-type symptoms.

Her mother asked a charity for help and volunteer Scott Foord said he would act as "milkman".

He said he was surprised at the request but pleased to be able to help.

Freyja was born at Broomfield Hospital in Chelmsford with a breathing problem and although she is "recovering well", visits had to be stopped on Tuesday when her father became ill.

Image source, Family photo
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Freyja is now recovering in hospital and her family are being sent regular updates and video calls
Image source, Family photo
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Freyja could be home in six weeks if she continues to recover

So that Becky can continue breastfeeding, Mr Foord collects the milk every evening and takes it to the hospital.

"Scott is amazing, lovely and incredible, to do what he is doing. He is so selfless," she said.

"It's heartbreaking to be apart [from Freyja]. I am missing precious moments with her."

Mr Foord was linked up with the family by Tina Townsend, chairwoman of the charity Witham Community Hub.

Image source, Scott Foord
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Scott Foord is also delivering food to people as well as his special milk round

He is volunteering to help people during the coronavirus pandemic after handing over most of his work to his staff at Witham-based Executive Recoveries & Enforcement.

He said he had moved out of his home to keep his family safe, and had not seen his children Aiden, nine, and Tiffany, seven, for two weeks.

"I'm now known as the Fastest Milkman in Essex," he joked.

"If the shoe was on the other foot I would hope someone else would help me."

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