Waltham Abbey upskirter had thousands of images

Illustration of upskirting

A 64-year-old man caught in the act of filming up a woman's skirt was found to have thousands of upskirting images and videos when his home was raided.

Martin Behan was caught when a shopper in Waltham Abbey felt something brush against her and saw Behan filming her.

She called security after grabbing his phone and he was arrested, Chelmsford Magistrates' Court heard on Thursday.

Behan, of Waltham Abbey, admitted two counts of outraging public decency and is due to be sentenced on 5 March.

'Fair game'

When police seized Behan's phones, which were unlocked, they found thousands of upskirting photographs and videos.

These were taken in various locations, including railway stations and shops, police said.

Further images were discovered on memory cards.

Insp Lisa Cooke said: "It is clear that wherever there was an opportunity to act, Behan did.

"He has remarked that women who wore skirts were fair game and he has not shown any remorse for his actions."

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