Southend Boris Johnson mural covered up after one day

Image caption,
John Bulley's mural shows the former Foreign Secretary standing alongside three Muslim women

A mural of Boris Johnson and three Muslim women has been painted over less than 24 hours after it was made.

The "political cartoon" in Southend-on-Sea was created on Saturday by local artist John Bulley in response to the former Foreign Secretary's criticism of women wearing burkas.

Graffiti artists painted over the mural, on Eastern Esplanade, on Sunday.

The artwork, which was painted on a communal graffiti wall by the Gasworks Car Park, took Mr Bulley four hours to create.

It showed Mr Johnson standing alongside three women in niqabs - full facial veils that leave only the eyes clear.

They were not wearing burkas, which cover the face and body entirely and often have only a mesh screen to see through.

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Only a wisp of Boris's blond hair remains after the mural was painted over the next day

Mr Bulley said it was "a bit harsh" the seafront mural only lasted a day.

"Apparently I'd gone over this bloke's work and offended him so he came straight down and went over mine.

"It was a bit harsh of the boys to hit it the next morning. It got an amazing reaction so they could have left it up a bit longer," he said.

Mr Bulley said he chose "the most buffoonish image of Boris I could" but painted the women in religious attire "respectfully".

He said he had not created the artwork "to offend people".