FC Barcelona 'hot dog and Coke' Good Samaritan found

Kevin Smart and son Max Image copyright Kevin Smart
Image caption Kevin Smart and his son Max were given tickets to a Barcelona match as a Christmas present

A man has found the "Good Samaritan" who helped him and his 16-year-old son when they were robbed in Spain.

Kevin Smart, 45, and son Max were on their way to FC Barcelona's match against Leganes last week when pickpockets took his wallet.

Dr Smart appealed to find a man from Essex who paid for them to get to their hotel and get Max a "hot dog and Coke".

The "Samaritan" - Kev Halesworth, from Little Dunmow - said he "wanted to make sure they had a good time".

Mr Halesworth, 52, added: "At the end of the day it's only €26 (£22.47), it got him through and he enjoyed his football match - no stress about it."

The Facebook status by Dr Smart from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, had been shared more than 4,000 times.

Image copyright Kev Halesworth
Image caption Kev Halesworth was taking his 10-year-old son to his first ever football match

Mr Halesworth heard about the appeal through a friend, whose wife's friend had shared the status.

The company director said: "My friend said 'some bloke's done this in Barcelona, was it you?'. I said 'that's a bit random but yeah it was'".

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Dr Smart said after he received a message from Mr Halesworth: "I went downstairs and was shouting at my older son, 'Max, Max, I've found him' and he went straight on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat - all those things teenage boys do - and told his mates."

Pharmaceutical scientist Dr Smart said he and Max arrived in the Spanish city last Saturday lunchtime and were on the underground to the match when he noticed his "wallet had taken leave from my pocket".

He found himself without any cards and unsuccessfully tried some shops to get cash via an online bank transfer to ensure they could get back to their hotel - a 10-mile (17km) walk away.

Dr Smart only had €3 (£2.59) when Mr Halesworth gave him money to "buy your son a hot dog, buy him a Coke and just enjoy yourself".

"I really wanted people to acknowledge and recognise something nice in the world," Dr Smart said of his appeal to find his helping hand.

"You forget about the nice things and here's someone who's done a nice thing and deserves some recognition."

Dr Smart has now donated the equivalent money to a charity called - The Kawasaki Kid, which helps people with the rare Kawasaki disease.

Mr Halesworth said it was "nice to hear everything was OK in the end" and said his charity donation was "a nice touch".

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