Chelmsford Prison death: Inmate's self-harm risk 'not reviewed'


The risk an inmate would self-harm was not "properly reviewed" and "precautions" were not taken before he was found dead, an inquest jury said.

Father-of-two Craig Royce, 46, was found in his cell in HMP Chelmsford in Essex on Christmas Eve, last year.

The jury in Essex recorded a narrative conclusion and said Royce had died "as a result of an accident".

But, they found he carried out "a deliberate act which unexpectedly and unintentionally led to his death".

Following the inquest Royce's mother Janet, said: "I thought Craig would be safe in prison. I feel strongly that Craig did not receive the help and care that he so desperately needed whilst at HMP Chelmsford.

"The jury clearly recognised this when they returned their critical narrative conclusion. I now hope the prison will learn from Craig's death and make changes to ensure that this heartache does not happen to another family."

Anna Thwaites, solicitor for the family, said: "With prison deaths reaching epidemic levels, it is important that Craig does not become a statistic, but that lessons are learnt and change is implemented immediately."