Essex fire worker sacked for flood rescue Facebook post

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Media captionPregnant woman and child rescued from flood

A fire service employee has been sacked for posting a derogatory comment on social media about a motorist who got stuck in flood water.

Pregnant Sherry Doran and her young son were rescued by firefighters when her car got stuck at Buttsbury Wash near Ingatestone on Sunday.

Some offensive comments about her were posted on Facebook, including one by an Essex Fire and Rescue employee.

The service said it will not tolerate derogatory language against the public.

A spokesman said it took immediate action against the employee.

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Ms Doran's vehicle got stuck in 4ft (1.2m) water at the Buttsbury Wash ford and fire crews smashed both the rear and passenger windows to get her and her one-year-old son out of the car. No-one was injured.

When news of the rescue emerged on social media, some people posted unpleasant comments in response, saying she should not have driven into the water and was putting her life, and those of her children, at risk.

The post by the sacked employee included an offensive term.

Image caption Heavy rain caused the ford over Buttsbury Wash to flood

Ms Doran, who lives in Suffolk, said she did not know the area, would never knowingly do anything to put her children in danger and for people to suggest she would was "extremely hurtful".

"I didn't notice any road signs as we approached it and despite slowing down, by the time I realised what it was, we'd been pulled into the middle of the water," she said.

"Sadly, a small number of people have used social media reports as a platform to make unfair judgements and comments towards me.

"In response to them, the only thing I can say is I went through years of heartbreak and painful treatments to bring my child into this world and I would die before I let any harm come to him or the baby that I'm currently carrying."

Image caption Fire crews smashed the rear and passenger windows to get the pair out

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