Essex 'Van' Gogh makes art on mucky vans to 'make drivers smile'

Art on van Image copyright Twitter/@blueskyprinting
Image caption This van was spotted on Essex Yeomanry Way in Chelmsford

An Essex warehouse worker has taken to brightening up dirty vans by making pictures in the muck, mud and dust.

The artist, known only as Mr Konjusha is 22 and from east London.

His work has been spotted at various locations since he started drawing on the vehicles about three weeks ago. He said he had worked on 10 vans so far.

Mr Konjusha said he was doing this to "put a smile" on delivery drivers' faces. Each creation takes about five minutes, he said.

Image copyright Mr Konjusha
Image caption The artist said his work is now being specifically requested by drivers who did not want to clean their vans

Most of the vans belong to delivery drivers who turn up at the Basildon Amazon warehouse when Mr Konjusha works.

"Sometimes they can be a bit grumpy in the mornings when I speak to them, so I just thought I'd do something to cheer them up," he said.

"They seem to really like it."

Image copyright Twitter/@Dan_b_80
Image caption This one was spotted on the A12 last week

Some of the images resemble a cross between a man and a lion, but he draws "whatever comes to mind, using my fingers and hands".

At first people did not know who was doing it, but Mr Konjusha's fame has spread among drivers and his services are being requested.

"People are asking for a drawing now. They say they're going to save money by not washing their vans and then they can get a picture instead."

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