'Gimp Man of Essex' revels in agony aunt role

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"The Gimp Man of Essex" said he gave advice to people who wished to "wear what they want" in public

A man who goes out in public dressed in head-to-toe latex said he has been acting as an "agony aunt" for people who want to do the same thing.

"The Gimp Man of Essex" said a number of people had approached him for advice after seeing a BBC article about him earlier this year.

"I've had a few people saying I've encouraged them to wear what they want outside," he said.

His appearances have raised £1,235 for mental health charity Colchester Mind.

"The reaction's been fantastic. I've had social media interaction from all over the world," he said.

"People have asked me for advice, saying I want to go out like this, what do you reckon?

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More than £1200 has been raised as a result of the appearances of Gimp Man over the past 18 months

"I told them, watch where you go, go out at the right times, and appear confident.

"They've come back to me later and said 'I did it, it was great, I don't know why I held back for so long'."

Gimp Man started going outside in his suit in June 2013, and donates £1 to charity every time someone takes a photo of him and posts it on his Facebook page.

"If I feel I've changed a few people's perceptions, that's great," he said

"If a guy strides up to you in a latex outfit with a collar on, and cuffs, he's not coming to murder you, he's just a normal person inside."

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Gimp Man has kept his identity secret from his family, and does not plan on telling them in 2015

Gimp Man told the BBC he was intending to visit other towns and cities around the UK in 2015.

But he has no plans to reveal his identity, or tell his family about his appearances - his wife and children are still unaware of his alter ego.

"Someone once asked me how much they'd have to donate for me to reveal my real identity," he said.

"If my identity was revealed, it would spoil the whole thing, it would be over.

"There's only two lots of people who would suffer from it - the people I'm trying to help, and Colchester Mind, because once I'm revealed, it's done, it's gone, it's finished."

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