The Essex street lamp that has defied the 'lights off' plan

Bert Hunt with the light in Great Baddow Image copyright BBC/Laurence Cawley
Image caption This light in the village of Great Baddow has resisted Essex County Council's efforts to save money by turning street lamps off during the middle of the night

A lone street lamp in an Essex village is resisting a county council's plan to turn street lights off at night - by remaining on all day long.

Essex County Council says turning lights off between midnight and 05:00 will save £14m over a 13-year period.

The scheme was brought to the Chelmsford area late last year. But a lamp in Great Baddow has remained on.

The county council said it was trying to work out why the lamp in Crescent Road was permanently on.

Image copyright BBC/Laurence Cawley
Image caption Resident Bert Hunt said the county council was not saving much money on the lamp in Great Baddow

Crescent Road resident Bert Hunt said: "The council is on about cutting costs, well they're not saving much on this one.

"At midnight all of the other lights suddenly go off - except for this one. It stays on, day and night.

"We are obviously paying for it through our council taxes and it should be simple enough to turn off."

A spokeswoman for the county council said: "We are aware of a fault with this particular street light in Crescent Road.

"We are currently trying to identify what is causing the problem so we can rectify it."

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