Ryan Fleming wins £24,000 payout from Essex Police

A man left destitute after being wrongly arrested and banned from returning home has received a payout of £24,000 from police.

Ryan Fleming, 33, was charged with an alleged public order offence and harassment after a neighbour dispute with an Essex Police officer in 2009.

He was later acquitted but left homeless after falling behind with his rent.

The officer has been disciplined by the force over the matter.

Mr Fleming became embroiled in the dispute with the officer in 2009 and arrested in August of that year.

He was held for more than 18 hours and charged with a public order offence and harassment, before being released on bail on the condition that he did not return home, his solicitor said.

'Should be fired'

Essex Police confirmed that they had reached an out-of-court settlement, without admitting liability.

Deputy Chief Constable Derek Benson said: "Where the standards and behaviour of our officers fall short of what is expected, Essex Police will take action.

"In June 2011 an officer did receive management action. We will continue to work hard to ensure we maintain the confidence of our local communities."

The force spokesman has previously described management action as "an opportunity for the officer to reflect on their conduct, learn from experience and develop further", rather than a formal sanction.

Mr Fleming, an animal charity volunteer, said: "This police officer should have been fired from the force.

"The public cannot be expected to have confidence in Essex Police if this is how they deal with such serious misconduct."

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