Basildon Hospital nurse 'got worker to drive to Ikea'

A Basildon Hospital nurse faces misconduct charges for allegedly using a colleague to run personal errands while on duty.

Abiola Olukemi Apara is accused of asking a clinical support worker to mow her lawn, take her car to get an MOT and drive her to Ikea at Lakeside.

It is also alleged she instructed another male member of staff to call in sick and drive her to London and back.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council is due to hear the case in January.

In total, Ms Apara, who worked on the Lionel Cousins ward, faces seven misconduct charges stemming from 2004 to 2007.

'Washing machine fitted'

It is alleged she asked the clinical support worker to do nine tasks for her, including fixing broken locks and leaking taps at her home.

Ms Apara is also alleged to have asked him to install her new washing machine, fit new lights and put sealant around her bath.

She is also accused of asking a nurse for a reference for her daughter, whom she had not met and did not know, and of shouting at her in front of a patient she was washing.

The Conduct and Competence Committee is also due to hear a charge that Ms Apara did not speak to a ward sister for about five weeks and instead left notes for her in the staff room.

She also behaved inappropriately to the ward hostess, it is alleged, by shouting at her and not speaking to her for about 17 weeks.

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