Katie Thorpe's mother to renew hysterectomy bid

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Media captionAlison Thorpe said she "passionately believes" surgery is right for Katie

A woman campaigning for her disabled daughter to have a hysterectomy to stop her painful periods says she will renew her bid after a recent landmark ruling.

Alison Thorpe, of Essex, cares for 21-year-old Katie, who has cerebral palsy and the mental age of a six-month-old.

In 2008, she lost a legal bid for surgery on the basis it was against her daughter's human rights.

She said she hoped last week's Court of Protection ruling that a man could be sterilised would "open doors".

The well-publicised case - a legal first in England and Wales - involves a 36-year-old from the Midlands, who already has a son with his girlfriend.

The couple have learning difficulties and a judge ruled a vasectomy was in his "best interests" after hearing another child could cause "psychological harm".

'Distress and pain'

Commenting on the case, Ms Thorpe said it was "very encouraging" and she "passionately believed" removing her daughter' womb was the right thing for her.

Miss Thorpe was starved of oxygen at birth, needs constant care and does not understand what is happening when she has a period.

"Katie doesn't cope well with monthly periods, it does cause her a lot of distress and a lot of pain," added Ms Thorpe, of Billericay.

"She even gets to the point of vomiting because she is so distressed."

In the case heard last week, the application for a vasectomy was brought by the man's NHS trust, with support from his parents, GP and local authority involved in his care.

In 2008, when Miss Thorpe was 15 and yet to start her periods, Mid Essex Hospitals NHS Trust said it was not prepared for the procedure to go ahead.

"We still absolutely believe it's the right thing, for Katie - not as a blanket policy and not as a precedent," said Ms Thorpe.

"If you're able-bodied or able to make decisions of course it would be the wrong thing to suggest.

"But I'm purely talking about Katie and no one else."

Mid Essex Hospitals NHS Trust said it did not wish to comment.

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