Harlow Islamic centre arson CCTV released by police

CCTV footage of three men suspected of carrying out an arson attack at an Essex Islamic centre has been released.

Police said the attack happened at the centre on Paringdon Road, Harlow, where insulation foam was sprayed around the doors and windows and set on fire.

However, the building suffered limited damage.

Police have appealed for anyone who recognises the men, who were spotted at the centre at 01:24 BST on Monday, to come forward.

One of the men is seen to be holding a drill, while another can be seen with what police believes is a canister of foam.

Supt Trevor Roe said: "It is clear from the CCTV footage this was a premeditated attempt to cause serious damage to the Islamic centre.

"The three men came equipped to carry out the damage and also take everything they brought with them away again.

"We urge anyone who is able to identify the men to contact us as soon as possible."

Harlow MP Robert Halfon has already condemned the people who carried out the attack, calling them the "scum of the Earth", while the centre's vice-chairman Zia Rehman said he was "very saddened" by what happened.

The centre was set up 18 years ago now serves about 2,000 Muslims.

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