Tesco tackles trolley thefts in Colchester

An Essex supermarket says it has had to take measures to combat the weekly loss of £3,000 worth of shopping trolleys.

The Hythe Tesco store in Colchester is introducing coin-locks to its trolleys following a spate of thefts.

It said it suspected a number of its trolleys had been taken by students from the nearby University of Essex.

A spokesperson for the university said it recognised the issue, but added its students could not be held responsible for all of the missing trolleys.

A Tesco spokesman said: "We hope this new system will help reduce the number of trolleys that are going missing.

"We have a positive relationship with the university and we are working with them to find a long-term solution to the problem."

The university said: "With so many people shopping at this popular store, our students cannot be held responsible for all of the trolleys that have gone missing.

"However, we are happy to continue educating our students about the need to return trolleys to the store after using them."

An agreement between the university and the store for it to return trolleys from the campus for a fee ended earlier this year.

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