BBC Introducing in Essex: All you need to know

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What is BBC Introducing in Essex?

The show, BBC Introducing in Essex... plays unsigned and new music from Essex, for Essex and broadcasting across Essex! This is your show, your music and your bands.

When and where can I hear the show?

Every Friday, without fail, before you go out for the evening at 7pm!

Tune into 95.3FM or 103.5FM, on DAB Digital and online.

If you're busy that Friday and want to listen, then you can go back to the BBC Essex website anytime in the next seven days.

Listen again to BBC Introducing in Essex

What music do we play?

We want to make sure everyone gets a chance. At this point, we mean everyone in Essex. If you are not Essex - we don't want to know!

But we know people who do. Check out the BBC Introducing website.

We've been known to play dance, rock, rap, experimental, indie, pop, acoustic, metal and even classical! We're big fans of sessions, and generally have a session every other week.

Is it just Essex bands and acts?

As the name says, this is BBC Introducing in Essex... but there are shows across the whole country that will take your music if you are from elsewhere.

From BBC Bristol to BBC Northampton, Scotland, Wales, Berkshire, Oxford, Cambridgeshire and more!

That's all great, but how can we/I get involved?

We want your music, regardless of genre. So put in the post a CD (with as many great songs as you want) but original music only!

A biography of the band, including important information, names and numbers, web sites, photos on a disc or printed!

This enables us to get a good grasp of you - and will help us when it comes to our online content.

The address:

BBC Essex Introducing

PO Box 765



But I don't want to post...

Post is really the best way to get in touch to get music played on our show.

But if you have any questions or want to see if you could be played on our show before the mailing process, then e-mail us.


What file formats do you take by e-mail?

We accept most file formats, we prefer MP3, but we can't accept m4a.

I only want a gig plugged!

Submit the e-mail 'GIGS' and send the gig details seven days before the event.

Don't send it any earlier, as it will get lost in the mass of mail, or any later as we might not get it in time.


Can I have my CD back and will it definitely get played?

We can't promise we will play every band that sends a CD in, but we do listen to every CD you put our way.

Unfortunately we can't return any of your CD's.

How do I know when we'll/I'll be played?

We won't necessarily get in touch when we receive your CD.

If we are going to play your track we will try to get in touch on the day before the show (Thursday), usually in the evening as Ollie is nocturnal and does most of his work then!

But really, you should listen every week to guarantee you don't miss your track.

Can you just go to my Myspace?

In general terms we don't download from Myspace.

We like a good old fashioned CD, with press pack and contact details. It has been known for us to discover and listen to bands online however! (On many an occasion!)

I'm having trouble having to getting hold of you. Are you going to reply?

It takes forever to get through all of your e-mails, postal mail, friend request on myspace, messages etc, so it can take two to three weeks to reply, but usually we will try to reply within 24 hours.

Anything else I should know?

If you can't catch the show live, listen again via the listen again link on the front page of the website.

Listen live - BBC Essex

If you have any more questions after all that, then get in touch!

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