Weymouth landslip 'could cut off 100 homes'

image captionClaire Alexander, Keith Tranter and Stuart Appleby (L-R) fear their homes could be cut off

Residents living close to a landslip in Weymouth are calling for action after a report found part of their road could be cut off within a year.

Groundwater drainage in Old Castle Road caused a large collapse in March and experts say the ground is still moving.

Dorset Council is installing a kerb to prevent surface water flowing over the area but said the landslip was on private land with planning permission.

People fear their homes will be cut off if nothing is done.

Resident Claire Alexander said: "It's a constant worry. The landslide has been getting progressively closer to the road over a long number of years and now it's less than two metres so one more heavy downpour and the whole road could go."

'Fortnightly monitoring'

Keith Tranter, chairman of the Old Castle Road Residents' Association, said: "It's very concerning. This has been going on for a number of years now and nothing has been done about it.

"Lack of action will cut off access to close to 100 households."

A report commissioned by the council made a number of recommendations but the authority has not yet confirmed what long-term action will be taken.

Highways councillor Ray Bryan said: "We will be carrying out some minor highway works to prevent the flow of surface water over the slope and we'll undertake fortnightly monitoring of the area.

"Due to the slip being on private land, which has planning permission, we are currently investigating the legalities of what can be done, and by who, as engineering work on this land could affect any future development."

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