Coronavirus: 'Miracle' Dorset patient discharged from hospital

Ian Cobb
Image caption Ian Cobb thanked the hospital staff who helped him survive when he spoke to the BBC moments after arriving home

A man who made a "miracle" recovery from Covid-19 has been discharged from hospital after more than three months.

Ian Cobb, a 48-year-old grandfather from Wool in Dorset, fell seriously ill with coronavirus at the start of April.

His family said they had "feared the worst" because he has amyloidosis, a condition that required a heart transplant and regular chemotherapy.

Mr Cobb, who spent most of his 60 days in intensive care on a ventilator, said it felt "incredible" to arrive home.

"I didn't think this day would come," he said.

Image copyright Ian Cobb
Image caption Mr Cobb fell seriously ill with Covid-19 at the start of April

He started developing coronavirus symptoms at the end of March while he was being treated for spinal fractures in hospital and was discharged by doctors who believed he would be safer at home.

However, he started experiencing breathing difficulties, was readmitted three days later and transferred to intensive care to be put on a ventilator.

Mr Cobb said he remembered telling his wife to say goodbye to his children and was sure he would die because of his serious health conditions.

His family said it was a "miracle" that he survived and he was applauded by staff at Poole Hospital as he was wheeled out of the intensive care unit.

Image caption His family greeted him outside his house as he arrived back from hospital

After further recovery, including intensive physiotherapy to help him walk, he was allowed to go home on Friday afternoon.

Mr Cobb, who was greeted by family waiting for him outside his house, said he was delighted to see his family face-to-face and joked that he was looking forward to enjoying a rum and coke again.

His wife, Sam Cobb, added: "It's amazing to have him home - it's been a long road.

"We've been waiting a long time to have him back - and here he is."

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