BBC Radio Solent listener's 'thank you' from beyond grave

Card from John
Image caption "John from Weymouth" was known as a regular listener to the Breakfast in Dorset programme

A local radio listener sent a thank you card to his favourite station following his death.

The card, signed "John", said he would have "departed this earth" by the time it was read by BBC Radio Solent's Breakfast in Dorset show.

He thanked the station for "all your programmes, full of local interest".

Presenter Steve Harris said the team was "saddened but incredibly moved" to have received the card.

A spokesman for Mustoe Shorter solicitors in Dorchester confirmed their client, John Martin had instructed them to send the card in the event of his death.

The 83-year-old died on 26 June. He lived in a care home in Weymouth and had no surviving relatives.

Reading the card on air, Harris said "John from Weymouth" was known as a regular listener to the show and he had initially assumed John was writing to wish the show a happy sixth birthday.

The message in the card said: "Just a message to thank you all for you programmes, full of local interest, news, travel, weather, brain teasers plus music."

Harris said: "We're incredibly moved that John thought so much of the shows we make every day that he felt it was important to have a card sent to us after his death."

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