Bournemouth fan faces ban over throwing pie at Chelsea match

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Image caption The match on December 19 ended 1-0 to Chelsea

An angry football fan faces being banned from grounds after he threw a pie on to the pitch during a match.

Bournemouth supporter Adam Cox, 27, launched the savoury pastry on to the pitch during a League Cup match at Chelsea's Stamford Bridge in December.

He was convicted in his absence of one count of throwing a missile on to a football playing area.

He had previously served a three-year football banning order, applied in 2012, for a similar matter.

City of London Magistrates' Court heard Stamford Bridge steward Dominic Agbo spotted something being thrown from the South Stand shortly after kick-off in the Carabao Cup quarter-final match on 19 December.

In a written statement, he said: "I saw the Bournemouth fan throw something (on to the pitch) between the corner flag and the goal."

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Image caption Lamb, rosemary or garlic? Chelsea have three varieties of pie on the menu at Stamford Bridge

PC Kerry Jarrett said Cox initially told security staff he was responsible, but said he thought admitting guilt meant he could "go home".

She said: "Initially I thought he was going to be dealt with by way of a community resolution, but he had already been the subject of a football banning order.

"He continued to say he already admitted it. But then he looked at the statement and said I was writing lies, and he wouldn't sign it."

She said he became "agitated" and was handcuffed and taken into custody.

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He was convicted in his absence with bench chairman Sarah Houston telling the court the matter had been proved.

A warrant was issued for Cox, of Barrack Road in Christchurch, Dorset, regarding the imposition of a new football banning order.

It is not known what type of pie was thrown, or if it hit anybody, although Chelsea's FC matchday menu includes lamb, rosemary and garlic pies.

The match on December 19 ended 1-0 to Chelsea, with Eden Hazard scoring a 86-minute winner.

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