Warning over floating dead whale off Portland

A warning has been issued to shipping after a dead whale was spotted floating in the sea off the Dorset Coast.

Dorset Wildlife Trust said the remains of a type of baleen whale had been seen off Portland.

A navigation warning to alert passing shipping has been issued by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

Dorset County Council said it was waiting to see if the carcass washed ashore, in which case it would remove and dispose of it.

A Dorset Wildlife Trust spokeswoman said it was also waiting to see if the whale beached to be able to determine its exact species, origin and cause of death.

She said in general such large predators tended to follow sources of food.

Baleen whales have hundreds of plates in their upper jaw, which act as a strainer as they feeds. Fin or Minke whales are both types of baleen whales.

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