Sinclair C5 owners mark 30th anniversary

Paul Grice
Image caption Paul Grice often rides in his C5 with his five-year-old son, Harvey, on his lap

Sinclair C5 enthusiasts have been celebrating the 30th anniversary of the vehicle's launch.

In Bournemouth, owners gathered on the promenade on Sunday morning before riding from Boscombe Pier to Sandbanks.

The electric tricycles were launched by entrepreneur Sir Clive Sinclair on 10 January 1985 at Alexandra Palace in London.

Enthusiasts also gathered at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, Hampshire, on Saturday.

On Friday, 30 owners travelled to London for a C5 anniversary edition of the BBC's One Show.

'Drive to the pub'

Bournemouth C5 owner Paul Grice, who organised the seafront trip, said: "I started collecting them about six or seven years ago because I liked the look of them.

"I was actually looking at Sinclair computers and I was going through the ads and came across one of these Sinclair cars.

"It cost me £100 and now they are worth about £400 to £700 - I guess they hold their value but it's just a good bit of fun.

"You can drive them on the road with no insurance or tax - anyone can drive them over 14.

"I drive mine on the road sometimes to the pub or the chip shop, down the beach or around the gardens.

"I was born in '78 and I had all the Sinclair computers, but it's really only about 10 years ago when I saw these things that I remembered they were out there.

"I had one recently in its box. In the 80s that's how they were delivered by Comet and Hoover - in a big box."

C5 Facts

  • The C5 was the creation of electronics entrepreneur Sir Clive Sinclair, who also produced the ZX Spectrum computer
  • More than 20,000 people attended the three-day launch event at Alexandra Palace in north London
  • The electric tricycle was built in Merthyr Tydfill in Wales
  • It was available by mail order, priced £399
  • It had a top speed of about 15mph and its battery had a range of about 20 miles
  • They could be driven by anyone over 14 without a driving licence, tax or insurance
  • Out of 14,000 made, 5,000 were sold before manufacturer Sinclair Vehicles went bust

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