Weymouth rubbish pile-up after bag switch is 'disgusting'

Rubbish in Weymouth
Image caption Dorset Waste Partnership said it would only collect rubbish left in new authorised blue bags, and not in traditional black sacks

The number of rubbish bags piling up on Weymouth town centre's streets following changes to collections is unacceptable, according to residents.

Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) said it would only collect refuse left in new authorised blue bags, and not traditional black sacks.

It said it stopped commercial waste being left out for free collection.

Some people say they have not received the blue sacks, while others claim some are refusing to use them.

Areas in the town affected include East Street and Bath Street.

Steve Burdis, director of DWP, said it was "working hard" to resolve the issues.

He residents had been sent letters about the changes to collections, which came into force last week.

'Dirty nappies'

John Gough, the manager of the Cutter Hotel, said many residents had not received blue bags.

He said the commercial waste collection was good, but that the domestic one "leaves a lot to be desired".

A Bath Street resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, described the situation as "disgusting".

She said although residents in her street had received blue bags, some were not using them.

She added discarded black bags were being opened by seagulls, leading to dirty nappies and other waste being "strewn across the streets".

Mr Burdis said DWP would visit residents "for the rest of the week" and advise them about the changes, as well as deliver more blue sacks.

A DWP joint advisory committee meeting will be held later to discuss its predicted £2m overspend.

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