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Friends film visit to five continents in one day

image captionGunnar Garfors (left) and Adrian Butterworth completed their adventure in Caracas

A filmmaker from Dorset has returned home after visiting five continents in one day.

Adrian Butterworth, from Bournemouth, was asked by a travel-obsessed friend to accompany him on the epic journey and make a film about it.

During the excursion the pair visited the Asian side of Istanbul in Turkey, Casablanca in Morocco, Paris in France and Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and, finally, Caracas in Venezuela.

Mr Butterworth, 40, said the trip on 18 June actually took 30 hours but they completed it within a day - from midnight to midnight - because they were following the time zones.

He described his companion, Gunnar Garfors, as an "extreme traveller" who aimed to visit every country in the world by the end of 2013.

Mr Garfors, from Oslo, Norway, claims to have visited 174 countries. He "dropped by" on his way to South Sudan to visit his former college friend in Bournemouth to wish him a happy birthday and discuss his five continents plan.

Mr Butterworth, who runs his own TV production company, said: "I'm 6ft 3in so aeroplanes are never a particularly comfortable place for me.

Scheduled flights

"It would have been a lot easier if we could have done two continents in Istanbul because Istanbul straddles Europe and Asia but Gunnar didn't want to take the easy option and wanted to go to five countries on five continents.

"He's an extreme traveller. He's been to 174 countries. He reckons there are 197 countries and he's going to go to every single one by the end of next year.

"In Norway travel is very popular because their money is worth more when they go abroad.

"Every weekend he goes somewhere, but he always uses scheduled flights."

Now the pair are waiting to hear from Guinness to find out if they have set a world record.

A half-hour documentary about their adventure is expected to be completed in Norwegian and English before the end of the year.

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